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Chinese Cuisine Varieties


Due to the large and varied characteristics of China itself, a multitude of different regional and other (e.g. religious) styles can be identified in the larger complex of Chinese cuisine:

Regions of mainland China

  • Northwestern Chinese cuisine
  • Mandarin cuisine
  • Jiang-Huai cuisine
  • Northeastern Chinese cuisine
  • Cantonese cuisine (Guangdong province)
  • Chiuchow cuisine (Chaozhou region, Guangdong)
  • Hakka cuisine (Hakka ethnic group)
  • Anhui cuisine
  • Henan cuisine
  • Hubei cuisine
  • Hunan cuisine
  • Shanghai cuisine
  • Shandong cuisine
  • Shaanxi cuisine
  • Sichuan cuisine
  • Fujian cuisine
  • Jiangsu cuisine
  • Yunnan cuisine
  • Hainan cuisine
  • Zhejiang cuisine

Other regions

  • Cuisine of Hong Kong
  • Macanese cuisine
  • Taiwanese cuisine
  • Nanyang Chinese cuisine (cuisine of the Nanyang region or Southeast Asia Chinese diaspora)

Other categories

  • Historical Chinese cuisine
  • Chinese Islamic cuisine

Chinese cuisine's rich history

The history of chinese cuisine takes the beginning back to the Chinese stone age, where the cultivation of rice and the production of noodles, both typical representative of Chinese cuisine as we know it today, are known from archeological findings.

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